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Composed by Les Baxter

When Intrada previously released a 2-CD set featuring Les Baxter's scores to Master of the World (1961) and Goliath and the Barbarians (1959), it sold out within a day of its announcement. Now Intrada has reissued the soundtracks to these two colorful American Pictures International spectaculars to ensure anyone who wanted a copy could reasonably get one.  Master of the World tells the tale of a man determined to end war, even if he must destroy the combined military forces of the world himself. Vincent Price plays Captain Robur, a monomaniacal airman targeting warmongering countries from his fabulous zepplin, the Albatross. A kidnapped scientist named Prudent (Henry Hull) his daughter Dorothy (Mary Webster) and government operative John Strock (Charles Bronson) are unwilling passengers who strive to undermine Robur’s plan from within.

Two years earlier, Baxter would score Goliath and the Barbarians. Set in the year 587 AD, innocent Italian villagers find themselves beset by a vicious horde of marauding barbarians. What the villainous crew fails to realize, however, is that Goliath’s father is among the casualties and the aggrieved son must settle the score. Disguised as a simple woodcutter Goliath is tested by the barbarians in a series of baroque physical challenges, not to mention the erotic wiles of the daughter of the Duke of barbarians. Goliath eventually leads the charge and sends the barbarians packing.

For both films, Baxter broke away from his usual hit pop/cocktail lounge music and composed colorful, epic adventure music. The original LP release for Master of the World was a rerecording of the score, and that stereo LP presentation is presented here in its entirety.  After an exhaustive search for the first release, Intrada had located and included 20 minutes of the original film recording of the score, in perfect stereo sound and featuring most of the key set pieces from the film.  Goliath and the Barbarians also presents the entire stereo LP program. 

INTRADA Signature Editions MAF 7135

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