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Brain Damage Films: Rabid Love [2014]

Rabid Love [2014]
Madness can be Contagious

A group of recent college grads on a final camping trip together pursue their own agendas when it comes to relationships but must put aside their differences and try to survive when one of them disappears and something in the forest starts killing the rest.

Directed by: Paul J. Porter
Starring: Hayley Derryberry, Jessica Sonneborn, Brandon Stacy, Josh Hammond, Hannah Landberg

I received the film "Rabid Love" (Brain Damage Films) and it was entertaining.... I find that with many independent films there is no real detail. This had a great amount of detail and I liked the characters... we as an audience cared for them. Nice set up, strong voices and simplistic story that never got uninteresting. I get some films and call them "Fast Forward Films", this held my attention and that in my world sometimes is hard to do. Most of the filmmaker's attention is in the gore and less on story, they gave it... teased us...with both, I was impressed overall.

I really did enjoy the film and the smart way you did dodge the stereo-typical falls that other make. It's not about gory/nudity all the time... substance, to hold the audience. Grab them, hold them... then throw them to the ground like a roller-coaster and then wait for the next drop. Group of talented people working to bring something a little better to their audience and we hope to share more with you. [Get Infected-CLICK HERE]
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


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