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MSM/Kronos: Test [2014] - Ceiri Torjussen

MovieScore Media releases the 80s-flavored retro score for Test, a gay/HIV-themed dance film by filmmaker Chris Mason Johnson. The story is set in San Francisco, 1985. Frankie (Scott Marlowe) faces the challenges of being an understudy at a modern dance company while he also embarks on a blossoming relationship with Todd (Matthew Risch), a veteran dancer at the same company. Although they are very different (Todd is the bad boy to Frankie’s innocence), their friendship still deepens as they navigate a world of risk - the early years of the HIV epidemic. In a world filled with hope, humor, visual beauty and amazing choreography, the musical relief is provided by the funky soundtrack by Ceiri Torjussen.

Welsh-born composer Ceiri Torjussen has been present on the Los Angeles film music scene since 2000, He participated in scoring Hollywood blockbusters like Repo Men, Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld Evolution. His more recent scores include the bombastic action comedy Big Ass Spider! (inspired by monster movie music of the 1950s), while his music for The Canal (that premiered at Tribeca, 2014) features an experimental score with unusual instruments such as a 1907 Edison Wax Cylinder Player.

Proving that he can find the musical calling of any decade, Torjussen revisits the 1980s dance scene to get inspiration for his Test score. “Before I began composing, I listened to a lot of 80s synth music“ recalls the composer, “especially Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder etc. I worked with retro sounds such as Moogs, DX7s, Arp2600s, Linndrum, and myriad other classic 80s synths. Although this wasn’t the music I was most passionate about while growing up, researching 80s synth-pop and ambient music for this score made me appreciate the style a lot more – both in its amazing melodic power and the production value of this unique era of pop history.” Torjussen’s score features a wonderful amalgamation of 80s power anthems, addictive dance beats and moody sound design all wrapped into one exciting package.

CD EDITION: Kronos Records
DIGITAL: MovieScore Media

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