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DEXTER: MOST SHOCKING EPISODES: Dive into a selection of the boldest and most jaw-dropping episodes from the acclaimed SHOWTIME® original series when Dexter: Most Shocking Episodes arrives on DVD. Michael C. Hall thrills in his Golden Globe®-winning role as the titular antihero Dexter. For eight seasons, fans have witnessed him cope with his insatiable homicidal urges and navigate through life as a vigilante serial killer. From the pilot where viewers first meet Dexter and learn of “the code,” to John Lithgow’s unforgettable guest starring role in “Hello, Dexter Morgan” and “The Getaway,” to the revelation of his killer secret to his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) in “Are You…?,” Dexter: Most Shocking Episodes compiles ten pulse-pounding episodes into one complete set. [CLICK HERE]

Get your Dex in a little bloody dose...
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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