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Olive Films: DANCE WITH ME, HENRY [1956]... In April 2015

Featuring the legendary comic duo Abbott and Costello (in what would be their last screen appearance together), Dance With Me, Henry is a heartwarming, dramatic and often comedic tale of friendship and unconditional love. When business partners, friends and housemates Lou Henry (Lou Costello) and Bud Flick (Bud Abbott) become involved in a money-laundering scheme, they risk not only their partnership and friendship, but jeopardize the welfare of the two orphaned children who they have taken into their home to raise. Add to the mix the hot-on-their heels welfare worker Miss Mayberry (Mary Wickes) who considers the living arrangements to be less than ideal for the children, and you have the elements for an adventure that could only be done the “Abbott and Costello” way. Lending acting support are Gigi Perreau (The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit) and Rusty Hammer (TV’s "Make Room For Daddy") in a film directed by Charles Barton.

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