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Screamworks Records: BACKCOUNTRY - Frères Lumières

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Dedicated to presenting some of the best soundtracks of independent cinema, the latest undertaking of MovieScore Media is Backcountry, the critically acclaimed Canadian survival horror. The indie hit follows the hiking trip of Alex (Jeff Roop) and Jenn (Missy Peregrym), two city folks who venture into the darker side of the wild. Following a chance encounter with the dangerous looking Brad (Eric Balfour), our heroes make a few too many wrong turns and end up lost. Even worse, they are in the territory of an aggressive bear defending it land. The already complicated relationship between Alex and Jenn reaches its breaking point...

The music for Backcountry is provided by Frères Lumières, an ensemble made up of multi instrumentalists Vince Nudo and Dan Watchorn who began their musical collaborations in the Montreal rock band Priestess. After recording two studio albums and touring North America, the two musicians set out to create cinematic soundtracks outside the confines of rock music. Their list of credits include Thomas Michael's Running Mates (2010) starring Henry Winkler and Caroline Monnet's short Gephyrophobia which got them to attend the Festival de Cannes. Backcountry marks the duo's first feature-length score.

The music for Backcountry builds upon the exciting combination of inventive electronic textures, moody dreamlike atmospheres,  and a hint of country twang / industrial rock passages in selected tracks. The music is as much about the predatory nemesis as it is about the deteriorating relationship of Alex and Jenn as the composers explain: “We wanted to avoid certain film score conventions common to the genre. Working in tangent with Adam’s vision, the goal was to create a dramatic score that developed as the story did. The tone reflects the relationship between the characters, their journey into the unknown and the uncertainty of their survival.“
Just Announced... it's going to be great, wait it is great!
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