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When You Need Someone In Your Corner, You Call MATLOCK!

CBS Home Entertainment: Matlock's Greatest Cases - The most celebrated episodes of the fan-favorite legal drama arrive on DVD as a must-have collection, Matlock’s Greatest Cases. Witness Hollywood legend Andy Griffith in his iconic role as the skillful attorney Ben Matlock who is armed with the charm and instincts to ensure justice is served for every case. With the help of his devoted daughter Leanne (Brynne Thayer), his trusted best friend Billy (Warren Frost) and his savvy investigator Cliff (Daniel Roebuck), Matlock is able to uncover the truth behind shady siblings, an eccentric millionaire, a killer comic and more.  Matlock’s Greatest Cases. [CLICK HERE]
Always loved the laid back feel you got with Andy Griffith, until he had to step it out and win or lose your case with a fight.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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