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MovieScore Media: Twist of Faith [2014] - Jeff Toyne

Paul A. Kaufman’s Twist of Faith is a Lifetime original movie starring r’n’b singer Toni Braxton. The film tells the story of Jacob (David Julian Hirsh), a Jewish cantor whose world comes crashing down when he witnesses the murder of his wife and three children. Jacob abandons his identity and eventually finds himself in a small Alabama community where he is embraced by Nina (Braxton), a single mother and her small gospel community who all help Jacob to reconcile with the past and find new meaning in life.

Canadian composer Jeff Toyne is a returning guest to our label. Equally at home in television, Toyne scored several features for Lifetime, including Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story (2011), winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best TV Movie. Our previous releases with the composer include Shadow in the Trees (2007) and Within (2009).

While these scores show Jeff Toyne’s talent for conjuring darker emotions, Twist of Faith will introduce a brand new side of the composer who mixes the world of traditional Jewish melodies (such as “Kol Nidre”) with the rhythm of gospel tunes. Performed by the Vancouver Film Orchestra and conducted by the composer, Toyne’s score is the perfect spiritual accompaniment to the rich collection of gospel songs.

Music Composed by JEFF TOYNE
Release date (digital): March 25, 2014
MovieScore Media:

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