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MSM/Kronos: Real Humans [2014] - Rikard Borggård

Real Humans [Score]
Music by: Rikard Borggård

Real Humans is one of the greatest successes of Swedish television in recent years. Coming from the mind of author Lars Lundström, the SVT1 series takes place in an alternate Sweden where the reliance of consumer-level androids is a very mundane occurrence. The so-called hubots are virtually indistinguishable from real humans, but are usually given more menial jobs: they are servants, factory workers, etc. While many people welcome the new technology, a political movement against the hubots called "Real Humans" are gaining strength to stop the spread of the dreaded creatures especially when they show more human-like features…

Debuting in January 2012, Real Humans turned out to be a huge success all over the world and has been sold to over 50 other markets, including Australia, France, Germany, and South Korea. Mostly directed by Harald Hamrell (and Levan Akin in the first season), the show has been complimented for its striking production design and creative solutions in creating the alternative Sweden, while the scripts (all written by Lars Lundström) have been called the best android-themed sci-fi program since Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Even more importantly for us, the show spans one of the most memorable scores on Scandinavian television, provided by Swedish composer Rikard Borggård.

"In general and especially during the second season, I wanted the music to be a bit broken, glitchy and weird, like the hubots themselves” explains the composer about his organic electronic approach to the show. ”For me it was important to work with minor/major changes hope/dispair in the same time. To give the feeling of not being sure who is bad or good. There´s also a sadness in the music. The hubots are really longing for freedom and justice, even the bad ones, as with the real humans."

The soundtrack has a digital release date of 11 February, 2014 and a physical release date of 25 March.

CD EDITION: Kronos Records

DIGITAL: MovieScore Media

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