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MovieScore Media: The Seal Of Confession [2014] - Freddy Sheinfeld

MovieScore Media will once again venture into an exciting film industry by releasing the score to The Seal of Confession (also known as Secreto de Confesión). Directed by Henry Rivero and produced by Rodolfo Cova, this Colombian/Venezuelan co-production tells three interrelated stories focusing on a corrupt senator, a policeman conducting an unorthodox investigation and a journalist seeking justice for the deaths of his parents. While making the film, Rivero and Cova were inspired to tell a story that would be familiar all over Latin America, proving that the entire continent has a shared experience with several common themes that can start a dialogue between friendly and rival nations alike.

The Seal of Confession is scored by Venezuelan-born, LA-based composer Freddy Sheinfeld who has a rich past of working in the field of documentaries and animation apart from the local film industry. Sheinfeld has scored David Attenborough’s IMAX 3D documentaries Galapagos 3D and Kingdom of Plants 3D which won the Best Documentary Score award at the 2013 International Film Music Festival and was nominated by the International Film Music Critic Association for Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature. Freddy’s music can be also heard in the blockbuster animated film Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie; and La Hora Cero, the highest grossing Venezuelan film of all times.

Sheinfeld’s score for The Seal of Confession sports an inspired contemporary edge with a 40-piece string ensemble recorded in Macedonia offers solace in a desolate, detached, but thoroughly memorable soundscape. By providing a clever combination of inventive electronic textures, processed guitar sounds, a dirty grunge palette and the occasional melancholic piano, Sheinfeld shows great promise with his MovieScore Media debut, foreshadowing a career that should reach far beyond his native Venezuela.


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