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Screamworks Records: Blood Rush [2014] - Michael Daniel

Blood Rush [2014]
Music by: Michael Daniel
Directed by Evan Marlowe and written by Kerry Finlayson who also stars in the movie, Blood Rush builds upon the tradition of zombie flicks. The story focuses on a small town where a number of residents develop a very sudden blood lust and they are willing to do anything to get their serving. When the local Witch Doctor is brought in connection with the unlikely epidemic, things take a mystical turn, especially when the investigators the real motives of the supposed perpetrator...

Born in Hawaii, composer Michael Daniel showed an early interest in music and after he was allowed to take composition lessons instead of piano practices, he developed a passion for musical theatre. Influenced by Stephen Sondheim, Daniel participated in chilling stage shows like Frankenstein and Sleepy Hollow, or the non-horror related comedy The Show Must Go On. The composer’s interest in film music began at Berklee and UNCSA, where he got his first gigs on student films. Since moving to Los Angeles, the composer’s list of credits include I Sing of a Well (2009), and Horror House (2012), made for the same production company which produced Blood Rush.

The Blood Rush score by Michael Daniel has a delightfully bizarre quality with strong thematic material linking the more off-beat segments. The charmingly demented battle theme for the fight with the zombies is a frequently recurring idea, while the tribal aura of “The Witch Doctor” opens a dark portal to the origins of the epidemic. “Jessica’s Theme” (also heard in the more reflective “Reunited”) offers a moment of tranquility among the bloody mess of zombies craving blood. The score is the winner of the Hollywood Investigator’s Tabloid Witch Award for Best Music Soundtrack in 2012.

The soundtrack has a digital release date of March 4 2014.

Just Announced! The cover alone... scares me, I cannot wait to hear this score!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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