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Wild Eye Releasing: Scream Park [2014]

Wild Eye Releasing
Cary Hill's "Scream Park"
Coming to DVD and VOD April 22nd

The Fright Land amusement park is on the verge of closing its doors forever. But the park's owner, Hyde (Doug Bradley, Hellraiser), has one last plan to sell more tickets...murder. Hiring two backwoods maniacs to break into the park and hack and slash all his employees, Hyde thinks these killings will create a media sensation, but he has just unleashed a horror that no one can survive.

Okay in some weird way I enjoyed this film, it had held my interest for the whole wild ride. I think it lacked something, but in return it paid homage to some of the classic 80's slasher films.. you know the ones. I found the action a little bit pushed from characters with the "hey hear that" let's go take a look kind of direction. Gore is fun.  Everyone had spunk, so once again... I am glad to have watched it. Bonus was the drop in, yet brief appearance of Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame.... and Nivek Ogre [Skinny Puppy] who I met last year. He plays well... you need to watch, he does not disappoint.
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

The DVD release of Scream Park (SRP $14.95) will exclusively include a commentary with director Cary Hill, bloopers and trailers, available at major retailers nationwide including Best Buy and Walmart .

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That's not that crazy an idea. Psychotic yes, but it would probably work.