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Intrada: Once is Not Enough [1975] - Henry Mancini

Intrada Special Collection:
Composed and Conducted by HENRY MANCINI
Intrada announces the premiere release of Henry Mancini's score to the 1975 film Once is Not Enough -- what is probably Henry Mancini's most “sixties” sounding score of the seventies. It is rich in both warm and sad melody, chock full of striking combo and big band source cues surely to linger long after the disc stops playing. Fashioning one of his most beautiful main themes, as well as an equally haunting melody for the tender/tragic character of January, the score centers on two primary themes representing the dueling sides of January’s love life. Set against the gleaming gold of an Oscar statuette, the score opens with a theme that sparkles and shimmers with lush strings underscored by sweeping harp glissandi, synthesizer swells and a tinkling bell-like figure, setting the stage for the rest of this rare Mancini gem to follow.

For this premiere release, Intrada had access to the 2? 16-track session masters vaulted by Paramount in pristine condition.

Kirk Douglas stars as a down-on-his-luck producer who marries the fifth-wealthiest woman in the world (Alexis Smith) to provide for his daughter, January (Deborah Raffin), a young woman suffering from a serious daddy complex. George Hamilton stars as January’s suave suitor, Melina Mercouri is a Garbo-like recluse, and Brenda Vaccaro provides an Oscar-nominated jolt of energy as a sexually ferocious magazine editor.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 270
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