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Cheezy Flicks: Red Planet Mars [1952]

Red Planet Mars [1952]

Mars is a utopia and that Earth's people

can be saved if they return to the worship of God!

An American astronomer obtains images of Mars suggesting large-scale environmental changes are occurring at a pace that can only be accomplished by intelligent beings with advanced technology. At the same time a colleague claims to have been contacting Mars by radio, first through an exchange of mathematical concepts and then through answers to specific questions. The transmissions claim that Mars is a utopia.

This revelation leads to political and economic chaos, especially in the Western hemisphere. The U.S. government imposes a news blackout after the first four messages, only to reveal much later that Earth's people can be saved if they return to the worship of God. Revolution sweeps the globe, including the Soviet Union.

But doubts about the authenticity of the messages remain. An ex-Nazi who developed the original communication device prototype wants to announce that he has been duping the Americans with false messages from a secret Soviet-funded radio transmitter high in the Andes mountains of South America. The mystery thickens as it appears the messages may have continued even after the secret transmitter was destroyed in an avalanche.

Cheezy Flicks

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