World of Wheels 2014... Maybe Rolling into your Town!

This year we had the great opportunity to cover "Autorama's WORLD OF WHEELS" this last month and as you all know I managed to break my ankle. So sadly I was not able to attend, I know the sadness is hitting everyone of you. Good news I was able to have our favorite Photographer Stephen make his way to this awesome event and I will be glad to share the photos with you very soon. I wanted you all to see if this show in it's remaining dates for March is coming near you.

Trust me I really wanted to go this last month, I think it's a great experience if you love cars and if you really love cars that have been souped up... then you will really love this. There is a show happening every upcoming weekend in March, so please don't miss it. I want to thank Steve [Photog for the Wolf] and Larry [PR Director] for being so cool about this and helping out a broken down guy [me]. [CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS AND SHOW DATES]
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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