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October 1, 2012... [100,000 Views]

We have some great news and so even better news for "Howlin' Wolf Records" is about to go viral with the news we have on Tuesday, well we hope it goes viral. There is a great group working behind the scenes to bring you the latest score, film, books, giveaways and musical groups that we can find. On top of that we have been flooded with interviews, horror scores and films, we will be doing a rundown of Full Moon's "Puppet Master" Series thanks to our latest sponsor "Echo Bridge Entertainment".

Coming Soon!!
So it being the month of October and Halloween just around the corner, what can you expect from us here at the "Wolf"? Well you are going to have to come back and see.

Countdown to Halloween [2012] is here and I signed up this site, so if this the first time you have been here... please look around. I hope to be able to cover some Halloween-esque materials for the month, some cool giveaways are coming to add to the many special spooky interviews, reviews and more.

So I have to ask the question, what scares you... is it clowns, spiders, monsters? I find the thought of being in dark cramped place like a coffin kind of freaks me out, so I stay away from places like that. So again what scares you?

Last thing this site reached the 100,000 views over the weekend, larger due to you the fans/readers/follower... we thank you for your continued support. You might know this, but I offer up some "T-Shirts" at "Neatorama" there are a few and more coming... so I thought I might mention it!

So some great things are coming, hope you will enjoy!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Real life crimes scare me more than anything.

Mina Burrows said...

100,000! Awesome! Congrats!