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The Mountain Men [2012] - Michel Legrand

The Mountain Men [2012]
Music By: Michel Legrand
Available: Now [Check: Label for More Details]
Released By: INTRADA

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 209

World premiere release of magnificent Michel Legrand score for tough 1980 western pitting Charlton Heston, Brian Keith against worthy Native American adversaries. Legrand anchors with gorgeous, wide-open main theme, painted in broad strokes with bright major key harmony in abundance. Nice trumpet fanfares judiciously sprinkled within theme is exciting, regal touch. But action is keynote! Composer writes what is most surely his busiest score, replete with incredibly challenging high brass figures, moto-perpetuo rhythms that seldom quit, orchestral fury to burn! Presentation of this most exciting Legrand work became possible only when Sony located mint condition stereo masters amongst various film elements stored within Chace Audio facilities. Great find! Fans of composer will enjoy both his soaring theme melody plus his dynamic action. And - with nod to important piece of film scoring artform now gone - Legrand finishes what he starts, brings entire score to close with powerful coda! No just walking off podium before work is done, no cut-and-paste editorial assembly and happily no unrelated songs... just a magificent orchestral finale actually composed as majestic wrap-up to score.

5/5 I have a favorite spot for Michel Legrand work and this is another classic one that has been finally released... Intrada has been a leader in great releases this year!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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