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October 26 - Dexter Season 6 - Daniel Licht

Dexter Season 6
Music By: Daniel Licht
Available: Now [Check: Label for More Details]

The show remains one of the most popular ones on television worldwide and this new album features some of the best music used throughout Season 6. Fans will discover an extended version of the iconic Dexter main theme produced by composer Rolfe Kent, a selection of songs by Iggy Pop, War and Milenio Flow. The album will also feature the exciting score by series veteran composer Daniel Licht and a new recording of his famous Blood Theme - which also receives a remix treatment, by DJ/Producer Alaska in Winter. The album ends with an upbeat house remix of the Dexter main title theme by producing team, the Ice Trucker.

1. Dexter Main Title Theme - Rolfe Kent
2. La Vira Tiguerre - Milenio Flow feat. Gina
3. Latinos Milenio Flow
4. Spill The Wine - War
5. Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop and The Stooges
6. Tonight's the Night (Dexter Main Title Remix) - The Ice Truckers

Score selection by Daniel Licht:
7. Blood Theme Variations
8. Angels and Demons
9. Coral Island / The Whore of Babylon
10. Can't Be Saved
11. Football Terms
12. Travis Talks To Gellar
13. Booby Trap
14. Floating
15. A Swam of Locust
16. Opener / Dex's Story
17. The Swamp / Travis Chained
18. Security Cameras
19. A Horse At The Altar
20. Baptized by Sam
21. Travis Gets His Stuff
22. Travis To Church
23. Blood Theme (Alaska In Winter remix)

5/5 Who does not love Dexter, period!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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