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I just wanted to let everyone know that STAGE FRIGHT the web series is now available for viewing. It is the story of a young newly wed couple that inherits a spooky old theater that is haunted by ghosts and stuff. It is expertly directed by Jason Braiser who wrote and directed DRIFTER: BROKEN ROAD. The talented and lovely Brittney Greer wrote and stars in this dark tale of the macabre. Here is an interesting factoid. I helped make this. I am Co-Producer and I have a small role in the series. Relax, folks. I said I had a small role. I don't even have any lines. Watch it and if you feel like it give it a shout out on your blog if you have one. Just watching it helps us out big time. I hope you enjoy it on some level whether it genuinely creeps you out or makes you laugh out loud. Click on the links below to watch. Thanks for your support.


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