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Six Strings with… Drew Seeley

Man of many talents and all around nice person, I wanted to thank Drew for the chance to talk... best to him and to all that he should do!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

I watched the film “I Kissed A Vampire” I am not sure I am your direct demographics, but I found myself enjoying the songs and felt more in touch when the character Dr. Dan Helsing [Chris Coppola] was introduced. You played Trey Sylvanie and worked with Lucas Grabeel [Dylan Knight] who I know from his work on Smallville, now this is not the first time you worked with him. How did this go from an internet project to being made into a film?

Drew Seeley: We shot some short webisodes a few years ago, and the response was really great. At that point there wasn't enough story to turn it into a feature, so Laurie and Chris Nolan went back into the writing room and then the cast all reconvened later that year to shoot what became the rest of it.

What involvement did you have from start to finish?

Drew Seeley: I'm an actor in it and have an associate producer credit. Also I was able to help the very talented composer, Frankie Blue with some vocal arrangement.

What are some of the things you will take away from this film… did they ever give up the need to dance in the end or that might give way to a sequel?

Drew Seeley: I don't think there are any plans for a sequel at the moment but never say never right?
Working with Disney for some of your projects, do you feel the need to free yourself from that wholesome atmosphere as many of young actors feel the need to do? Or is it good to keep them as that great stepping stone and appreciate the doors it has opened for you.

Drew Seeley: I don't consciously avoid projects because of the audience. If the character is one that interests me for whatever reason, I'll usually take a chance.

The whole time I had been watching “I Kissed A Vampire” I was trying to place your face [not in a weird way]… I checked your credits and I remembered from the film horror film “The Shortcut”… so how do you go from the cleaner side of Disney to the scary side of this horror film. What was that experience like because I believe you stepped out of your norm for the first time?

Drew Seeley: It was one of my favorite filming experiences because it was so unlike anything I'd done before. We shot mostly at night and in the woods, and it's true it is more fun when you're not playing the nice guy.
You also work with many charitable groups in a “Give Back” way, which is very commendable and that is what I admire of your whole persona. You are so going in the right direction as a person in the media, can you give advice to others or talk about the cause you feel most strongly about.

Drew Seeley: I have a soft spot for children suffering for any reason, so I visit lots of hospitals to meet them and try to cheer them up with music or stories, or just spending time and talking. There are so many things to get behind, I just encourage everyone out there to really look inside and find out what is important to them, and then take action and get involved.

What is next? Simple, I cannot imagine the next adventure you might take. I so wanted to thank you for you time, it was a great pleasure to get to know you and more about the work you have been part of.

Drew Seeley: Thanks!  Well always working on new music. Also have two movies coming out next year, "Lovestruck"  and 'Yellow Day'.  And of course getting married next April to my awesome fiance, Amy Paffrath, who played Luna Dark alongside me in 'I kissed a vampire'.  Should be a year to remember. 


Bio: Drew Seeley is a Canadian actor, dancer, recording artist and songwriter. In 2005, Drew co-wrote “Getcha Head in the Game” for Disney’s quadruple platinum High School Musical soundtrack, and received an Emmy nomination in the “Best Original Song and Lyrics” category. In addition, Drew co-starred in the North American and Latin American tours of “High School Musical: The Concert” playing lead character Troy Bolton in 60,000 seat arenas.

Also on stage, Drew recently starred on Broadway as Prince Eric in ‘The Little Mermaid’ and was an original cast member in Harold Prince’s revival of ‘Showboat’. He has written and/or recorded music for over 10 Disney soundtracks and compilations including Disney Mania (4,5,6,7), Shake It Up, Cheetah Girls 2, Jump In! Wizards of Waverly Place, Alvin & the Chipmunks, and Disney Channel Christmas. He has recently been on a national tour performing original music from his debut album ‘The Resolution’ and has shot four music videos in support of it.

His film and television career has included roles on One Tree Hill, The Closer, The Suite Life, and a starring turn in Warner Premiere’s Another Cinderella Story, playing pop star Joey Parker opposite Selena Gomez. Drew also co-wrote and performs 4 songs in the film. One of these songs, New Classic, enjoyed a slot on Radio Disney’s Top 10 countdown for 2 months, and the music video has surpassed 3 million views on YouTube.
Additionally, Drew starred alongside 30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden in the Adam Sandler produced film, ‘The Shortcut’, reunited with HSM alum Lucas Grabeel for the rock musical, ‘I Kissed A Vampire’, and portrayed the title character in the Hallmark Channel original movie, ‘Freshman Father’. The film, which is based on a true story, also includes ‘Best At The Time’, co-penned by Drew.
Most recently, Drew starred in the TBS series, Glory Daze, playing an aspiring politician named Jason Wilson and just finished shooting the film Elixir for ABC Family opposite Chelsea Kane.

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