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The director of SKEW has a Kickstarter campaign for his next film PEELERS. I think it is going to be one of those "Strippers vs. (Insert Monsters here)" kind of movies that are so popular on THE NETFLIX right now but with more attention paid to strong characters and story.  I sure hope so.  I really liked SKEW and was hoping we would get more from the director, Seve Schlenze.  Judging from the video on Kickstarter Seve and writer Lisa Devita are going to have fun with this one.  We need a good Stripper Vs. Monsters movie.  To this day none exist.    

Click on the link below and spread the word about PEELERS Kickstarter.  At least watch the video for entertainment purposes.


Notice the random but impressive action figure collection in the background with the Hulk prominently displayed in the middle.  Why do they have action figures in the background?  Were they playing with them and then just decided to make a Kickstarter promo video?  My favorite is the alien from ALIENS.  Nice.  Seve and Lisa are going to give us a creative and horror movie crowd pleasing film that hopefully will not rely solely on the three 'B's', BLOOD BEASTS and BOOBS.  PEELERS is going to be a remarkable film and here is your chance to be a part of it.


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