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Score Review: In the Name of Sherlock Holmes

We have been getting some nice feedback on our latest score "In the Name of Sherlock Holmes" by: Robert Gulya, here is something I would love for you too read...and thank John Mansell for the kind words.

Review of John Mansell, submitted at 2013-03-16 20:27:01, score: 9/10
Howlin wolf records maybe a relatively new label, but in a very short period of time have filled their catalogue with some pretty impressive film scores. Many of these have been of the Horror or Fantasy variety but also there have been other types of movie soundtracks represented within the catalogue, one of the many things I like about Howlin Wolf is they bring to us the collectors, soundtracks that maybe a few years back would not have seen the light of day never even being considered for a release, because of the films budget or maybe because the film went straight to DVD or received a limited theatrical release. The label have also been instrumental in introducing to film music enthusiasts many new composers who have real talent, again many of these musicians would not have been an even break by other labels, so we have to firstly say thanks to Howlin Wolf for being courageous enough to release some of these scores.

-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


Unknown said...

I saw you over at The Hollywood Spy and thought I'd pop over and say hello.

Congratulations on the success!

Powdered Toast Man said...

thanks for stopping by. Good reviews are like a nice hot cup of coffee.