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Judgehydrogen - Musick of Uncertain Origin, Vol I

Musick of Uncertain Origin, Vol I
Judgehydrogen's 4th Album Is... "Now Available"
I am pleased to announce my newest album “Musick of Uncertain Origin: Volume I”  is now available. These compositions are a collection of sacred works that I have recorded over the years and held onto for that perfect moment.  That moment is now.  You will experience my Dark Ambient and Neo-Classical roots in these collections.   All of the songs have been beautifully mastered: for these works I utilized Analogue Mastering and the difference is amazing.   “A Body of Water,”  which was in the new Ethan Hawke film “Sinister,”  has been remastered and is the centerpiece of this collection.  Join me for this event.
Great friend to the "Howlin' Wolf" has released his latest creation of MUSICK! I think you all better go take a look before something sinister should happen to you!? I also wanted to thank all of those who entered the giveaway, you will be receiving an email soon from us for all the details.

All the best and success to Judgehydrogen!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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Maurice Mitchell said...

"A Body of Water" is a trippy song