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Cheezy Flicks: Criminal Desire [1998]

Criminal Desire [1998]

In the World of High Fashion . . . Sex, Deceit,
Betrayal and Murder Are In Every Seam.

When street savvy Private Investigator, DARREL CHISUM (David Faustino - Married with Children), learns of the disappearance of a billionaire's daughter and beautiful model, he soon becomes enmeshed in the seductive fashion industry, run by sleazy mogul DICK BUNCHE (Michael York in Austin Powers). Their backs are against the wall as the world of high fashion and glamour take a downward trip into deceit, betrayal and murder. IMD FILMS Presents Criminal Desire - Starring MICHAEL YORK DAVID FAUSTINO CHRIS CONRAD and DAVID CARRADINE as Montgomery Montague - Written By MARK FREED and DAVID TEDDER - Director of Photography KEN STIPE - Supervising Producer PATRICK CAROMINE - Executive Producer JACK FUGETT - Produced by JACK FUGET and GERALD L. WOLFF Line Producer KRISTI CHATELLE - Directed by MARK FREED

What could be wrong with this movie, with a great cast? Nothing... nothing at all!
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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Maurice Mitchell said...

Michael York is amazing. I wonder if he still acts at 70?